Gum disease is the most common disease in the human body. Initial symptoms include bad breath and painful, swollen or bleeding gums. With scaling and polishing treatment and oral hygiene instructions it can be controlled, but if left untreated it can

Dental fillings are used to repair damage to the structure of a tooth or teeth. Structural damage can be caused as a result of tooth decay, wear or trauma. After the removal of a problematic tooth structure, the tooth is restored with one of several

Root canal therapy or endodontic treatment consists of the removal of inflamed or infected pulp tissue (dental nerve) and the cleansing and sealing of the internal tooth structure. Root canal treatment may be necessary in cases where there is advanc

A crown is a restoration that covers a tooth to restore its normal shape and size. This helps to improve the strength and appearance of a tooth. Crowns are necessary when a tooth is generally broken down and a tooth can no longer hold a filling. If a

An important step in maintaining a healthy smile is to replace missing teeth. When teeth are missing, the remaining ones can change position, drifting into the surrounding space. Teeth that are out of position can damage tissues in the mouth. In addi

At Smartoral we also perform minor oral surgery including removal of wisdom teeth and gingival laser treatments. We understand the anxiety some patients link to these procedures and that is why we also offer treatment under con

Children are always welcome in our practice. We try to make their first visit to the dentist as pleasant and as much fun as possible. Importance of Baby Teeth When baby teeth are lost at an early stage, the permanent teeth can erupt and drift i